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RapidLog On-Demand Released

Eclipse Software Systems, makers of RapidLog, is happy to announce our new On-Demand version of RapidLog. RapidLog On-Demand is a web-hosted version of RapidLog that can be used from any Windows-based computer with a supported browser. We provide everything you need… from web and database servers to full backup services.

FMCSA Interim Rule Means No Changes For Now

The FMCSA has published an interim rulemaking seeking to make the existing rules permanent, thereby avoiding the elimination of 11-hour driving and 34-hour reset provisions proposed by the D.C. Court of appeals. In essense, this means that the existing regulations will continue to stay in place, and no update to

New California Regulations Completed

The new California regulations are included in all builds on or after November 9, 2007. The regulations automatically switch based on the log date. Logs dated prior to November 11, 2007 are audited under the old California rules, while logs dated on or after November 11, 2007 are automaically audited

Court Grants 90-Day Stay for New Regulations

11-Hour Driving and 34-Hour Reset Provisions Continue for Minimum of 90 Days On October 2, 2007, the D.C. Court of Appeals partially granted the ATA’s petition for a Stay, which allows the 11-hour driving and 34-hour reset provisions to continue in place. Rather than accepting the lengthy Stay requested by

ATA Filing Means No Regulatory Changes For Now

ATA and FMCSA Filings Delay Changes, Seek Lengthy Stay On September 7, 2007, the American Trucking Association (ATA) filed a brief with Court of Appeals asking for a Stay, in order to allow the FMCSA to issue a revised rule-making regarding the 11-hour driving and 34-hour reset provisions in such

Tentative September 2007 Regulation Changes Complete

Eclipse has made all necessary programming changes to RapidLog so that it can audit correctly for the 10-hour driving, and 60/7 and 70/8 rules without the 34-hour reset, in case the recent court-order from the D.C. Court of Appeal stands. Because there is substantial uncertainty over whether that ruling will

Court of Appeals Overturns 11- and 34-Hour Provisions

The D.C. Court of Appeals has issued a ruling vacating the 11-hour driving and 34-hour reset provisions of the hours-of-service regulations. The FMCSA has until September 14, 2007 to respond. They may seek a stay, in which case, should they prevail, the 11-hour driving and 34-hour reset provisions could be

RapidScan 1.5 will be Retired

RapidScan 1.5 has not been updated in many years and was replaced by RapidLog Pro in 2005. Because of this, support for RapidScan 1.5 will expire on February 1, 2007. If you own RapidScan 1.5, please contact your sales representative for information on upgrading to RapidLog Pro. RapidLog Pro contains

RapidLog Supports Canada 2007 Regulations

New auditing rules are in place All builds of RapidLog dated on or after 12/28/2006 support the new Canadian regulations for 2007. Even though the regulations are under “soft” enforcement until July 2007, we strongly recommend that our Canadian customers download and install the latest version of RapidLog immediately. This