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09/25/2015 | Software Update


09/01/2016 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes and modifications are included in the 9/01/2016 Build of RapidLog. Fixed issue with Violation Subclass Comments on company page not being editable.

08/18/2016 | Software Update

Some of these changes may break some things that may be interfaced into RapidLog by some customers. Make sure you install in a test environment before deploying if you have custom items built. Highlighted items are the ones likely to break 3rd party custom work. Fixed bug in ELD Import

12/31/2015 | Software Update

Fixed issue with initial installs not having Image Archive enabled. Fixed issue causing RapidLog Pro to use too much memory when auto-reading logs.

09/25/2015 | Software Update

Export to CSV option added for some reports. Output is in Company Data folder under Export Fixed issue with setting log to Unentered not removing violations. Added Last 6 Months option to Report dates. Added Time Break Rule 7 requirement to AB (Alberta) Jurisdiction. Deleted drivers may possibly be restored

04/09/2015 | Software Update

Fixed several bugs in Force Re-audit behavior. Added Report for Wellsite recap folder. Added feature on Driver page to require user to click on Key icon to change a driver name. The purpose is to prevent accidentally overwriting a driver when trying to add a new driver.

03/09/2015 | Software Update

Fixed issue with emailing letters Will now review checkpoints when entering multiple off duty days on Logs page. Fixed bug in Checkpoint audit. Fixed so -NewAudit flags work correctly. Fixed issue with Noon-Noon logs in audit. Fixed issue with US Local jurisdictions.

12/15/2014 | Software Update

Supports change to US rules rolling back the 2013 34 hour restart restrictions. You can now enable requiring the user to flag the Canadian Deferral Day 1 and Day 2 on the Logs page before it will allow the driver to use the Deferral. US Local 60:7, US Local 70:8