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06/20/2017 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes, and modifications are included in the 06/20/2017 Build of RapidLog. Fixed Barcode Sticker printing in RapidLog Pro. General bug fixes

04/01/2017 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes, and modifications are included in the 04/01/2017 Build of RapidLog. Altered some default text to correct spelling errors. Changed Letters to include Inactive drivers when printing the Missing Log paragraph. Fixed issue in installer trying to run the license update during client install. Updated RapidLog OnDemand.

09/01/2016 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes and modifications are included in the 9/01/2016 Build of RapidLog. Fixed issue with Violation Subclass Comments on company page not being editable.

08/18/2016 | Software Update

Some of these changes may break some things that may be interfaced into RapidLog by some customers. Make sure you install in a test environment before deploying if you have custom items built. Highlighted items are the ones likely to break 3rd party custom work. Fixed bug in ELD Import

12/31/2015 | Software Update

Fixed issue with initial installs not having Image Archive enabled. Fixed issue causing RapidLog Pro to use too much memory when auto-reading logs.

09/25/2015 | Software Update

Export to CSV option added for some reports. Output is in Company Data folder under Export Fixed issue with setting log to Unentered not removing violations. Added Last 6 Months option to Report dates. Added Time Break Rule 7 requirement to AB (Alberta) Jurisdiction. Deleted drivers may possibly be restored

04/09/2015 | Software Update

Fixed several bugs in Force Re-audit behavior. Added Report for Wellsite recap folder. Added feature on Driver page to require user to click on Key icon to change a driver name. The purpose is to prevent accidentally overwriting a driver when trying to add a new driver.

03/09/2015 | Software Update

Fixed issue with emailing letters Will now review checkpoints when entering multiple off duty days on Logs page. Fixed bug in Checkpoint audit. Fixed so -NewAudit flags work correctly. Fixed issue with Noon-Noon logs in audit. Fixed issue with US Local jurisdictions.

12/15/2014 | Software Update

Supports change to US rules rolling back the 2013 34 hour restart restrictions. You can now enable requiring the user to flag the Canadian Deferral Day 1 and Day 2 on the Logs page before it will allow the driver to use the Deferral. US Local 60:7, US Local 70:8