Why RapidLog?

Ask any of our 3,000+ customers!

Our Challenge:
Try RapidLog, head-to-head, against your current or any competitive system. If we don't at least cut your total compliance costs by 33%, or if you are not satisfied for any reason, return the system within 30 days for a refund less shipping and installation charges. Trial offers begin your 30 day period if applicable.

We Lead, Others Follow

For over twenty years we’ve provided leading edge technologies that deliver ultimate flexibility at the lowest total costs. That commitment continues today. While our competitors are busy copying our latest features, we’re hard at work coming up with even better tools for affordable compliance!

Here are just some of our innovations since 1989:

  • Tablet-based entry
  • Sheet-fed scanning and recognition
  • High-speed batch scanning recognition
  • Automated checkpoint vs. duty-status auditing
  • Reasonable driving time audits
  • Any-Log recognition technology
  • Consolidated auditing of paper and EOBR
  • GPS and CSA 2010 audits
  • Low-cost GPS Device
  • Web Reports and Graphs
  • Pay-As-You-Go Auditing Software
  • Laptop Logs for Drivers
  • Low-Audit-Exposure Fuel Tax Trails
  • Fully automated falsified paper-log detection
  • Combo GPS+EOBR
  • More on the way! ...
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