Proven Audits

As aggressive as you want to be

RapidLog products have been used for over twenty years at 3,000 carriers to audit over 1 billion logs, error free!
No matter what your auditing needs are, we can handle it.

Hours of Service

We handle all US, Canada, US Intra-state, Oilfield and similar rules, including jurisdiction changes throughout the day.

Violation Prevention and Falsification Audits

Do you need to find falsified logs? If you are concerned about your CSA 2010 rankings, or have Qualcomm, PeopleNet or similar systems, it may be important to find your drivers that falsify logs. We can help.

Choose the level of rigor that makes sense for your situation

Anything from Lightweight to Heavy-Duty

  • Simple: Audit fuel data against on-duty time on logs
  • A little more: Check CSA 2010 points like out-of-service, accidents, and tickets against duty status records
  • Certified change-of-duty locations: Get valid locations from GPS from drivers with laptops
  • Heavy-Duty: Our GPS Validation service finds drivers that falsify paper logs automatically by ensuring vehicle movement (from GPS data) is logged as driving. Use your existing hardware (Qualcomm, PeopleNet, etc.) or switch to ours
  • Max: Switch to ELD for ultimate violation prevention and enforcement
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