ELD Integrations

Handle Mixed-Log Scenarios

Get consolidated audits and reports across any combination of ELD vendors and paper logs. Great for conversion to ELD, dealing with mixed ELD-hardware fleets, and to keep from getting locked into a single ELD vendor.

Don't Settle

Maybe you're finding onboard log solutions from other vendors don't measure up to what you've come to expect from RapidLog.

Less mature audits, reduced functionality reports, inability to quickly enter paper logs, inability to print intermingled paper and ELD data during audits, lack of driver follow-up tools and more can all be disappointing.

By pulling your legacy ELD data into RapidLog you get an instant upgrade and ultimate flexibility.

A Path Forward

You'll have the ability to move gradually out of old legacy systems as well. Rather than buy another thousand-dollar-plus hardware system or continuing with huge monthly communication fees, you'll be free to use our low-cost hardware with NO communication fees.

All without sacrificing safety compliance or fuel-tax accuracy.

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