Paper-Log Auditing

High-Speed Capture, Filing and Falsification Detection

Twice the Speed, Guaranteed

Spend as little time as possible on data entry by using RapidLog. Our systems are twice as fast as the competition, and we'll be glad to prove it in a side-by-side comparison.

By using highly-tuned algorithms, we slash the amount of data that requires human review, saving precious time and labor resources.

Your Servers or Ours, Your Staff or Ours

If you have an IT staff, or want to absolutely minimize your costs, you can host our software on your servers and do your own data entry.

If you want us to manage servers, databases, backups and more, use our RapidLog On-Demand service. For a low monthly fee per driver you get the same software plus anywhere-access to data entry and reporting. We can even do your data entry for you if you get behind or want to off-load it.

Intermingle Paper and ELD Logs

Our paper-log processing systems seamlessly intermingle paper logs with ELD data from our equipment or third-party systems. You are in total control of when and where you convert to ELD, and if an ELD unit temporarily goes down, you can quickly process paper logs for those driver/days without laborious manual entry.

Need Audit-Resistant Logs?

Do you need to be agressive about finding falsified logs? Maybe you've heard of carriers with good reputations getting hammered by auditors that use Qualcomm and PeopleNet records to find almost limitless violations.

Maybe you want to stand up to CSA peer-group rankings. Either way, we can help your logs be audit-resistant by adding any of these optional audits:

  • Fuel: Audit fuel against on-duty time
  • CSA Points: Accidents, out-of-service events and more against duty status
  • GPS: Audit full truck-movement records against driving time to find falsified logs with little or no human intervention!

Cut Paper-Log Form Costs by 40%

If you are still using two- or three-ply log forms (with carbons or carbonless paper) you can slash your form costs by switching to single-sheet logs. Driver can then scan logs (at a truckstop, at your terminal, even in-cab) which is considered the carrier copy, while the driver retains the original as his/her copy. The FMCSA has recently explicitly approved this.

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