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Our tools turn mountains of raw log data into a clear picture of where you currently stand, and where your risks are.

RapidLog includes the following Reports:

  • Notification Letters: Notify drivers of violations, upcoming expirations, and more.
  • Violation Summaries: Find out where individual drivers, or your company as a whole is having problems.
  • Violation Lists: See the details for each violation.
  • Late and Missing Logs: Finally, an easy way to see what logs aren't on file.
  • Driver Lists: Rosters and more.
  • Recaps: See how many hours your drivers have available, and what their usage patterns have been in the past.
  • Random Selection: For drug and alcohol screening.
  • Mock Audits: Print analysis reports that are similar to what auditors will use to check your compliance. Now you can find problem areas before they do.

Notification Letters That Do More

RapidLog's notification letters to do more than "beat your drivers over the head" with bad news about their violations:

  • Welcome new drivers
  • Show what violations were found
  • Congratulate drivers who remain violation-free
  • Wish drivers a happy birthday or thank them for their faithfulness on their anniversary with your company
  • Remind drivers of upcoming expiration dates on their licenses, physicals, etc.
  • Add personal "P.S." messages to drivers

Slice and Dice Your Data

Analyze across time-frames, zero-in on regions, terminals, fleets individual drivers and more, all with enterprise-style security. There's almost no compliance question you can't answer with our reports and charts.

Need Charts?

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Smart Letters™

for Easy Follow-up Management

Face it: thorough follow up for violations is tricky. Drivers can turn in previously missing log, misfiled logs can be sent to the correct driver and date, legimate corrections are made, all resulting in constantly shifting violations.

Furthermore, if you wait until all drivers turn in logs for a given month, it can seriously hold up your follow-up process.

Our smart letters automatically handle all these complications for you, allowing you to follow up on logs as soon as they're submitted by each driver, and generating revised letters automatically.

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