We are constantly adding new features to RapidLog. You can get these new features with a monthly subscription, which also offers these benefits:

  • Instant access to new features and updates as soon as they are available (including regulatory changes), right from our website
  • Integration with newly support ELD data providers as they become available
  • Live Chat support is available when you need it
  • You get a low, predictable price at just $3 per driver per month

We're Constantly Adding New Features

Standard Monthly pricing is currently only available for RapidLog with ELD and Fuel Checkpoint Integration and does not include new products or modules that are priced separately from the RapidLog product.

Download the latest updates in the Support Area.

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Need help logging in or have other questions? Send us a message with your serial number and we can give you a hand getting into your account or help you with any other questions.

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