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08/18/2016 | Software Update

Some of these changes may break some things that may be interfaced into RapidLog by some customers.
Make sure you install in a test environment before deploying if you have custom items built.
Highlighted items are the ones likely to break 3rd party custom work.

  • Fixed bug in ELD Import so it does the audit after a change in the logs
  • Driver List Report will include email address on Detailed option.
  • RapidLog Text File Exporter will include the Driver License Number and State as two fields instead¬†of one as in the past.
  • Removed SSN for security. Replaced¬†with tertiary Id number.
  • Added ability to give violation if miles entered but no driving. Should not be used with Local logs.
  • Fixed Logs page reports problems.
  • Added check to change Drug/Alcohol screen percentages to new values 25%/10%.
  • Added UTC time zone to GPS Import
  • Added feature to automate updates to RapidLog
  • Added Average Speed indication on Miles step in RapidLog Pro.