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SQL Connection Failed

Topic: How to Fix Error: SQL Connection failed, please check SQL server (When Opening RapidLog) Instructions: Click OK on the error message. Press the Windows key

Change User in RapidLog

Topic: How to change users in RapidLog without closing the program. Instructions: If you’re already logged in as a user, then you’ll need to click

Logging Into

Topic: I can’t login to my account Instructions (Self-Hosted Customers): Click on the My Account button in the Menu Bar For your email address

09/01/2016 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes and modifications are included in the 9/01/2016 Build of RapidLog. Fixed issue with Violation Subclass Comments on company page not being

08/18/2016 | Software Update

Some of these changes may break some things that may be interfaced into RapidLog by some customers. Make sure you install in a test environment

12/31/2015 | Software Update

Fixed issue with initial installs not having Image Archive enabled. Fixed issue causing RapidLog Pro to use too much memory when auto-reading logs.

09/25/2015 | Software Update

Export to CSV option added for some reports. Output is in Company Data folder under Export Fixed issue with setting log to Unentered not removing