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12/15/2014 | Software Update

  • Supports change to US rules rolling back the 2013 34 hour restart restrictions.
  • You can now enable requiring the user to flag the Canadian Deferral Day 1 and Day 2 on the Logs page before it will allow the driver to use the Deferral.
  • US Local 60:7, US Local 70:8 are used for rule 395.1(e)(1) drivers. If no driving time is on the day then the driver will receive a “Paper Log Required” violation if he is over the 12 hours. If there is driving time on the day but the driver does not exceed the 12 hour limit it will not require the break after 8 hours. If he exceeds the 12 hour limit it will work the same as the appropriate SH 60:7/SH 70:8 rules. The US Local 60:7:24, US Local 70:8:24 are the same as above but allow for the 24 hour restart for Oil Field and other 24 hour restart exceptions.
  • RapidLog Pro will now show the Duplicate Log violation in RapidLog after the import.
  • Several changes to the Letters in RapidLog
    • The Advanced screen now allows you to set values that were previously only allowed to be set in the rl5.ini file. It also makes these settings Company specific rather than computer specific
    • Allows a larger font size in the Violation List portion of the Letters
    • Adds ability to show total points at end of Violation List portion of letter
    • Allows modification of Top, Bottom, Left, and Right margins
    • Allows indenting of the driver address area to adjust for windowed envelopes
  • Added Canada Adverse Driving/Emergency for solo drivers in both Cycle 1 and 2. This is a “beta” jurisdiction, you should double check the violations / lack of violations and report any errors you see.
  • PeopleNet ELD import will now include the Location.
  • Logs grid will now allow for highlighting of Checkpoint Violations.
  • Can now print a date range of ELD logs with the grid and ELD events
  • Fixed tab order on Driver Details page
  • When adding new checkpoint templates the template will be memorized by name instead of by index number