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Eclipse Celebrates 15 Years

Continuous Innovation Key to Success

Greeley, Colo. – March 28 – Fifteen years ago, Larry Steinbecker stood at a crossroad in his career. His choice was to continue in the family trucking business or implement his vision to create high-speed log auditing systems for the trucking industry. Using tablets from the CAD/CAM industry and his knack for product design, Steinbecker began RapidLog’s track record for high-speed log auditing software. Newly married then, Larry and his wife Lori, created RapidLog™ and manage the company today with their continued vision in software integrity and customer-oriented focus. The RapidLog systems have continued to evolve over the last 15 years, and today offer economical scanning, the ability to scan virtually any log, high-speed correction, instant violation-highlighting, and automatic electronic log filing, with more innovations on the way.

Eclipse Software Systems, Inc., makers of RapidLog, recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary. RapidLog has been a trend setter in its niche market of the trucking industry setting standards in ever-increasing speed, audit accuracy, and regulatory compliance. Recently, RapidLog™ & RapidLog Pro™ have broken speed barriers with guaranteed speeds up to 400% faster than competitors. ESSI’s Vice President/Developer, Luke Lanphear has been with the company since its genesis and helped develop RapidLog’s amazing ability to read virtually any log. “Our goal is to deliver the highest processing speeds, which lead to the highest cost-savings, all while dovetailing into each company’s existing infrastructure of processes, forms, audits and such,” states Lanphear.

Among other accomplishments, RapidLog has been a market value-leader in product pricing for 15 years offering some of the lowest costs, combined with the shortest return-on-investment period of any system. RapidLog proudly sets the standard being first to work with multiple jurisdictions, speed limits, mileage engines, and automatically tracking team operations with truck numbers.

The recent Hours-of-Service rule changes and software upgrade involved all team members of RapidLog staff. “The complexity of the rule changes, the late-breaking interpretations, and numerous real-world subtleties were a challenge. We have received rave reviews from customers and even from field-auditors, some of whom have come to us for advice!” shared Steinbecker.

End-users have incredible loyalty to RapidLog, auditing over 350+ million logs error-free. RapidLog customers also enjoy continuous product updates to implement additional user-friendly features, customer suggestions, or FMCSA regulatory changes. The future of RapidLog will continue to evolve and adjust to the demands of the industry.