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RapidLog ELD Vehicle Monitor Announced with Optional ELD

Eclipse Software Systems, makers of the RapidLog line of high-speed log auditing products is proud to announce its new RapidLog ELD vehicle monitor with optional ELD.

Eclipse Vehicle Monitor allows carriers to use any mix of paper and electronic logs, fuel tax and DVIRs. Convert on your own schedule or upon a mandate.

The RapidLog ELD vehicle monitor records true fuel-tax trails for all your trucks. This allows for paper or electronic trip sheets to be generated that are highly efficient and virtually audit-proof.

Use that same data to find drivers that are falsifying logs automatically with our GPS Validator service. This is lowest-cost, automated way to get reality-based logs that stand up to all sorts of falsification audits.

Drivers that have laptops can use the same device to generate paper logs with certified “change-of-duty” locations that are read right from the GPS device.

When you are ready for true ELD you can upgrade at any time, truck-by-truck. You’ll have maximum control and the lowest total compliance costs.

Projected prices are just $299 per truck with no mandatory communication fees. Evaluation units are expected to be available late July 2013.

Eclipse is accepting applications for beta-testing sites.