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GPS Validator for RapidLog Officially Released

Eclipse Software Systems, makers of RapidLog, is happy to announce our new GPS Validator for RapidLog is officially released.

GPS Validator imports your GPS data from QualComm, PeopleNet or similar systems and automatically checks that your drivers logs match up to that data.

This powerful tool makes it easy to detect falsified logs, which is critical information for carriers that need to comply with increased scrutiny under CSA 2010. Logs that pass a GPS Validation almost always can pass ANY other audit, including port-of-entry, fuel, accidents, tickets, etc.

Carriers that want to minimize total compliance costs while also minimizing exposure to CSA 2010 audits will find GPS Validator to be the perfect tool. GPS Validator is available both for RapidLog installed at the carrier’s office, as well as RapidLog On-Demand. Contact us today to get started.