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Category: Integrations

Supported Interfaces

RapidLog Works in an Interconnected World ELD Interfaces AssetWorks Assured Techmatics Asuga Big Road Coretex CyntrX Eroad Fleethunt Forward Thinking Systems GeoSpace GeoTab GFI Systems

RapidLog ELD XML Format

Topic: How do I format an ELD file to import into RapidLog? File Format: Must be saved as a .xml file. Layout: <RapidLog_eLogs><elog><driver/><duty_status_points><point/></duty_status_points><day_events><miles/></day_events></elog></RapidLog_eLogs> Fields: driver:

Local Log Import Format

Topic: How do I Import Local Logs from a Text File? Layout: You will format the CSV file in the following way: Driver ID, Timestamp,