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02/28/2021 | Software Update


02/28/2021 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes and modifications are included in the 02/28/2021 build of RapidLog Added new some new reporting features For the reports that can be exported as text the columns can be moved the header columns can be renamed Fixed an issue with some data from Zonar where no current

11/11/2020 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes and modifications are included in the 11/11/2020 build of RapidLog Added downloader for AssetWorks ELD. Added new feature to EobrDownloader to send emails on success/failure for some providers Fixed issue in Audit for 2020 FMCSA Rules for split sleeper Fixed an issue with distances in some EOBR downloader

07/31/2020 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes and modifications are included in the 07/31/2020 build of RapidLog Fixed Checkpoint audit issue with seeing falsification on an unentered log. Added new FMCSA rules to be in effect on 9/29/2020. Added feature to allow inactive days to be added for old logs when importing ELD

02/18/2020 | Software Update

Changelog: Added GFI Systems to the EobrDownloader. Modified KeepTruckin Downloader to use their new OAuth 2.0 authentication system. Fixed ERoad, Samsara and other Downloaders to deal with Yard Moves as On Duty properly. Added Feature to BigRoad Downloader to keep distances as KM rather than convert to Miles. Add to

01/31/2020 | Software Update

Changelog: Added Nextraq to the EobrDownloader. Updated Cyntrx downloader to add some extra data to match Nextraq. Added feature to RapidLog to allow new EobrDownloader Providers added to be accessible from RapidLog without a RapidLog Update.

12/31/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Added feature to not delete Jurisdiction points manually entered on the Logs page. Added ERoad download option to EOBRDownlaoder. Added Pedigree Technologies option to EobrDownloader Fixed problem in emailed letters to make them match the printed letters. Fixed issue EobrDownloader for Geospace SSL communication. Fixed issue where items on

10/15/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Added new audit feature to check for On Duty time at user-specified checkpoint events. Modified ProdName field use to remove slow opening issue. Fixed display bug on Logs page for ELD data. Standalone / Server installs will use Microsoft SQL 2014. Minimum requirement is Windows 7 due to change

08/08/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Fixed bug in GeoTab downloader. Modified Image processing in RapidLog Lite to show grid “location” on the image even if no valid grid is located. Fixed issue in email letters not showing notes and footer. Added distance to Samsara download. Made Samsara download ignore duty status changes < 1

07/01/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Fixed bug in KeepTruckin downloader to get more data for the selected days. Fixed bugs in billing system that caused some under-billing to occur. Fixed bug in < 1 minute violation setting not working properly for all violations.