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08/08/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Fixed bug in GeoTab downloader. Modified Image processing in RapidLog Lite to show grid “location” on the image even if no valid grid is located. Fixed issue in email letters not showing notes and footer. Added distance to Samsara download. Made Samsara download ignore duty status changes < 1

07/01/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Fixed bug in KeepTruckin downloader to get more data for the selected days. Fixed bugs in billing system that caused some under-billing to occur. Fixed bug in < 1 minute violation setting not working properly for all violations.

06/15/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Added feature to set a driver to not import Eobr data. Fixed issue with Titan Downloader not downloading larger date ranges. Fixed issue with RandMcNally ELD download related to team miles. Modified hours display in violations to limit to 2 decimal places.

05/10/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Fixed/Added some RapidLog Pro options. Modified Titan downloader to deal with non-utf 8 characters and correctly get the province/state value from the location. Chaged XRS Downloader to make ignore timezone option to be on by default. Modified OnDemand to allow manual downloading of Eobr data. Added feature to enable

05/01/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Added Titan to Eobr Downloader. Added importing Shipping Documents from Omnitracs/Shaw Eobr downloader. Fixed issue with jurisdictions on EOBR log audit not using correct default. Modified Manual Checkpoint review to show Eobr tab for Eobr log records. Added Pre Trip / Post Trip Inspection audit.

01/14/2019 | Software Update

Changelog: Modified the Canada Split Sleeper audit. Added Proxy settings for the licensing system. Added more indexes to tables. Fixed issue with jurisdictions on EOBR vs. Paper logs entered for a driver. Fixed GeoTab to get correct miles. Fixed time zone issues in XRS ELD data. Fixed bad characters in

11/19/2018 | Software Update

Changelog: Added Trimble downloads to the Eobr Downloader. Added feature to Eobr Importer to look at the Driver Id, Alternate Id, and Tertiary Id numbers in sequence. Added ability to initiate a download and import of ELD data from Company page. Added Check for remarks (if available) in ELD data

11/05/2018 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes, and modifications are included in the 11/05/2018 Build of RapidLog. Added Teletrac Fleet Director and Teletrac Navman Director downloads to the Eobr Downloader Changed BigRoad EobrDownloader to use TLS 1.2. Fixed Canadian Mandatory Off Duty violation to more correctly display rested hours. Fixed the check for

09/21/2018 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes, and modifications are included in the 09/21/2018 Build of RapidLog. Fixed BigRoad distance that was bad data causing it to fail on import. Fixed Canadian Cycle 2 multiday violation not showing the over 70 hours without 24 hours off. Modified the log downloader running from the