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09/21/2018 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes, and modifications are included in the 09/21/2018 Build of RapidLog.

  • Fixed BigRoad distance that was bad data causing it to fail on import.
  • Fixed Canadian Cycle 2 multiday violation not showing the over 70 hours without 24 hours off.
  • Modified the log downloader running from the Logs page to allow more than just Omnitracs.
  • Set Group field for Drivers to allow up to 40 characters.
  • Modified the violations to show time in violation below 1 minute.
  • Added feature to allow limiting violations to only show if 1 minute or over in length.
  • Added distance for XRS/RoadNet.
  • Fixed Omnitracs issue when downloading by driver through the current date.
  • Fixed display of id number on Drivers page search display to allow longer character limit.
  • Modified Eobr Import to save Off Duty days as Off Duty for the log type instead of Regular log type.
  • Modified handling of “missing” logs when importing Eobr data for drivers with large gaps in their dates like rehired drivers.
  • Fixed an issue with getting Zonar edited data downloaded.