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07/31/2020 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes and modifications are included in the 07/31/2020 build of RapidLog

  • Fixed Checkpoint audit issue with seeing falsification on an unentered log.
  • Added new FMCSA rules to be in effect on 9/29/2020.
  • Added feature to allow inactive days to be added for old logs when importing ELD data.
  • Added Forward Thinking Systems to Eobr Downloader.
  • Added check to see if Eobr Downloader was available.
  • Enalrged icons on Log Entry page for image processing.
  • Added audit feature for auditing On Duty time at checkpoints.
  • Added Manual Miles override to allow EOBR log data to have miles entered manually and remain after a reimport
  • Added ability to get miles in PeopleNet import
  • Added feature to download distance from VisTracks based downloaders; Cyntrx, GFI Systems, Nextraq
  • Added feature to get ELD distances in Miles or KM correctly for the company settings in RapidLog
  • Added shipping docs and location details in GeoTab download