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11/11/2020 | Software Update

The following changes, fixes and modifications are included in the 11/11/2020 build of RapidLog

  • Added downloader for AssetWorks ELD.
  • Added new feature to EobrDownloader to send emails on success/failure for some providers
  • Fixed issue in Audit for 2020 FMCSA Rules for split sleeper
  • Fixed an issue with distances in some EOBR downloader imports
  • Fixed an issue in the Pre/Post Trip Inspection audits
  • Fixed memory leak in Samsara downloader
  • Fixed an issue in Samsara downloader not getting all points exported
  • Update XRS downloader to use https rather than http due to update on the XRS site.
  • Fixed issue in the US 70:8E jurisdiction not getting the correct shift limit.