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12/31/2019 | Software Update


  • Added feature to not delete Jurisdiction points manually entered on the Logs page.
  • Added ERoad download option to EOBRDownlaoder.
  • Added Pedigree Technologies option to EobrDownloader
  • Fixed problem in emailed letters to make them match the printed letters.
  • Fixed issue EobrDownloader for Geospace SSL communication.
  • Fixed issue where items on Logs page would be cleared incorrectly when changing distance on EOBR log.
  • Added Verizon option to the EOBRDownloader.
  • Added Zonar ELD downloads to Zonar option in EobrDownloader.
  • Added option for GeoTab for keeping the distance in Km instead of converting to Miles In RapidLog on the Company page select the Edit Settings File option and then scroll to the bottom of the file and add these lines.
    Make sure you click Save after that.