Information related to getting a new ELD Provider API details.

You are a new or existing RapidLog customer and would like to have us download the ELD HOS data from your ELD provider to process in RapidLog.

For us to obtain this information, we require documentation for the ELD Providers web API that enables us to download the following information:

1. List of drivers – this is a list of the drivers the customer has on the ELD system. Active is required but inactive is desirable as well so we can insure we get the last logs available from the driver.
2. HOS log records – This would be the ELD event data for the driver for each day. For instance, each Duty status event for any particular date, the Location e.g. 5 miles SSE of Springfield, IL, Shipping document numbers, Tractor, Trailer, and other log related details.
3. Location and other records. For example, one ELD provider requires 3 different API calls to get the Duty Status Points, the Locations, and the Distance values. We want to make sure we can get all appropriate data in the most efficient way. Most ELD providers return XML or JSON, either is fine.

The customer requesting the new ELD Provider will provide us with API credentials, but please let us know what rights they require. For API access, some ELD providers require customers to request their credentials from customer support and unlock them. Others let users create credentials with the right access values. We want to know what the customer needs to request to set up credentials correctly. We only need to request information we do not need update ability.