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New Billing System Implemented

RapidLog will no longer be offering yearly subscriptions for RapidLog updates after the 12/20/2017 build.  Instead, we are moving to a software as a service model with monthly charges.

Break Down of Charges:

  • $3 Per Driver Per Month
  • $0 Monthly Minimum Charges
  • $0 ELD Data Imports
  • $1 GPS Validator (optional)
  • $1 Logbook Certified Fax Imports (optional)

What this means for you: Easier, smaller monthly payments, access to technical support through the live chat, and the ability to always download the latest version of RapidLog.

Existing Subscriptions – If you currently have an active subscription the remainder of your subscription will be converted to a credit.  So for example, if you paid $399 for a subscription and have used 6 months of your subscription your account will be credited $199.50.

Expired Subscriptions – You will still be able to use the old program, but if you want the latest build then you will automatically be converted to the new monthly billing system.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact your salesperson to discuss your options.