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Emailing Driver Letters


How Do I Email Letters to Drivers?


To email driver letters you first must set up your mail server settings:

  1. Open your C:\Windows\RL5.ini file and look for the Data=Path
  2. Copy the data directory and navigate to the \RapidLog\Data\Company\settings.ini file
  3. Add a new [Mail] section in the iniĀ file and following fields
    1. Server=(SMTP Server)
    2. Port=(SMTP Server Port)
    3. AuthUser=(SMTP Auth Username)
    4. AuthPassword=(Password)
    5. DefaultFrom=(Valid From email or same as Auth Email)
    6. DefaultReply=(Any reply email)
    7. LetterSubject=(Subject)
    8. LetterBody=(Body must be on a single line, no line breaks)

It should look something like this when you’re done:

LetterSubject=Montly Review Letter
LetterBody=Please open the driver letter attachment and review.


  1. Make sure your drivers have a valid email address in their Driver Profile
  2. Go to the Reports Page and Select Simple Letters and select your date range and drivers to include
  3. Click on the Email to Drivers… button on the left