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How to update Rapidlog (Self-hosted)

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How to update Rapidlog (Self-hosted)

Topic: How to update Rapidlog (Self-hosted) Instructions: Click this link: (Note: You will need to be logged into your account to access the download

How to Delete a Driver

Instructions with Images: Step 1: Click on the ‘Driver’ page. Step 2:¬†Click in the ‘Search Bar’ and enter the drivers last name. Step 3: Verify

Supported Interfaces

RapidLog Works in an Interconnected World ELD Interfaces Big Road CyntrX Eroad GeoSpace GeoTab GPS Insight KeepTruckin NexTraq OmniTracs Roadnet Shaw Turnpike XRS XATA Pedigree

ELD Integration | Verizon Reveal

Topic: How to Import Verizon Reveal Data Into RapidLog. Verizon Reveal: Arguments: /provider (VerizonReveal) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /username (VerizonReveal username) /password (VerizonReveal password) /appid (VerizonReveal

ELD Integration | Pedigree

Topic: How to Import Pedigree ELD Data Into RapidLog. Pedigree: Arguments: /provider (Pedigree) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /username (Pedigree username) /password (Pedigree password) /driverid (Driver ID

ELD Integration | NexTraq

Topic: How to Import NexTraq ELD Data Into RapidLog. NexTraq: Arguments: /provider (NexTraq) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /username (NexTraq username) /password (NexTraq password) /driverid (Driver ID

ELD Integration | ERoad

Topic: How to Import ERoad ELD Data Into RapidLog. ERoad: Arguments: /provider (ERoad) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /apikey (ERoad API Key) /from (yyyy-mm-dd format) /to (yyyy-mm-dd

RapidLog ELD XML Format

Topic: How do I format an ELD file to import into RapidLog? File Format: Must be saved as a .xml file. Layout: <RapidLog_eLogs><elog><driver/><duty_status_points><point/></duty_status_points><day_events><miles/></day_events></elog></RapidLog_eLogs> Fields: driver:

Local Log Import Format

Topic: How do I Import Local Logs from a Text File? Layout: You will format the CSV file in the following way: Driver ID, Timestamp,