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Category: Knowledge Base

How to Export a Report from Rapidlog

Topic: How to Export a Report from Rapidlog Instructions: Open RapidLog, click on “Reports” Select the report you wish to export (Note – only the

How to use RLTxtExporter

Topic: RlTxtExporter can dump RapidLog data into text files that can be imported into another database. Instructions: From your start menu, do a search for

How to create custom violations

Topic: How to create custom violations. Instructions: From the home page of RapidLog, click “Company” Click “Violation Classes” from the left menu In the ‘Violation

How to add and audit team drivers

Topic: How to add and audit team drivers Instructions: From the home screen, click “Logs” Find one of the drivers that will be a part

How to update Rapidlog (Self-hosted)

Topic: How to update Rapidlog (Self-hosted) Instructions: Click this link: (Note: You will need to be logged into your account to access the download

How to Delete a Driver

Instructions with Images: Step 1: Click on the ‘Driver’ page. Step 2: Click in the ‘Search Bar’ and enter the drivers last name. Step 3: Verify

Select ELD Provider

RapidLog will also integrate with the following ELD providers:  AssetWorks Assured Techmatics Asuga Coretex ERoad Fleethunt Foward Thinking Systems GFI Systems Hutch FMS ISAAC Motive

Supported Interfaces

RapidLog Works in an Interconnected World ELD Interfaces AssetWorks Assured Techmatics Asuga Big Road Coretex CyntrX Eroad Fleethunt Forward Thinking Systems GeoSpace GeoTab GFI Systems

ELD Integration | Verizon Reveal

Topic: How to Import Verizon Reveal Data Into RapidLog. Verizon Reveal: Arguments: /provider (VerizonReveal) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /username (VerizonReveal username) /password (VerizonReveal password) /appid (VerizonReveal

ELD Integration | Pedigree

Topic: How to Import Pedigree ELD Data Into RapidLog. Pedigree: Arguments: /provider (Pedigree) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /username (Pedigree username) /password (Pedigree password) /driverid (Driver ID