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Category: CMD Line

ELD Integration | GeoSpace

Topic: How to Import GeoSpace ELD Data Into RapidLog. GeoSpace: Arguments: /provider (GeoSpace) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /apikey (GeoSpace API Key) /from (defaults to now –

Driver Import – DrSync

Topic: How Do I Import a Driver List Into RapidLog? File Format: The driver import file must be saved as a CSV file and all

ELD Integration | Zonar

Topic: How to Import Zonar ELD Data Into RapidLog. Zonar: Arguments: /provider (Zonar) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /accountid (Zonar Account ID) /username (Zonar Username) /password (Zonar Password)

ELD Integration | Telogis

Topic: How to Import Telogis ELD Data Into RapidLog. Telogis: Arguments: /provider (Telogis) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /password (Telogis Password) /username (Telogis Username) /urlcompany (Telogis Company

ELD Integration | Samsara

Topic: How to Import Samsara ELD Data Into RapidLog. Samsara: Arguments: /provider (Samsara) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /apikey (Samsara API Key) /groupid (Samsara Group ID) /from

ELD Integration | PeopleNet

Topic: How to Import PeopleNet ELD Data Into RapidLog. PeopleNet: Arguments: /provider (PeopleNet) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /password (PeopleNet Password) /urlcompany (PeopleNet Company URL) Advanced Arguments:

ELD Integration | XATA/XRS

Topic: How to Import XATA/XRS ELD Data Into RapidLog. XATA/XRS: Arguments: /provider (XRS) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /urlcompany (XRS Company ID) /username (XRS Username) /password (XRS

ELD Integration | Turnpike

Topic: How to Import Turnpike ELD Data Into RapidLog. Turnpike: Arguments: /provider (Turnpike) /companycode (RLCompany Code) /username (Turnpike username and company number. Example: turnpikeuser@1234) /password