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How Do I Import a Driver List Into RapidLog?

File Format:

The driver import file must be saved as a CSV file and all fields must be quoted.

If a field is not used designate the field with a double quote "" (See below for all available fields).

Here is an example of what the CSV file should look like:


Import File with ID Number, Last Name, First Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Employment Type, and Hire Date:

"","1337","","White","Walter","","3828 Piermont Dr","Albuquerque","NM","87111","","","F","","","","","","","","","","01/18/2009","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""
"","420","","Jesse","Pinkman","","9809 Margo St","Albuquerque","NM","87104","","","P","","","","","","","","","","03/14/2011","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""
"","911","","Schrader","Hank","","4901 Cumbre Del Sur Ct","Albuquerque","NM","87111","","","F","","","","","","","","","","04/09/2015","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""

Download the Template:

To Import the File:

In this example my RapidLog setup will be like so:

  • RapidLog Program Directory = C:\Program Files (x86)\RapidLog
  • RapidLog Company Code = RLCOMPANY
  • CSV File to Import = driver.csv
  • Directory where the CSV file is saved = C:\temp
  1. Open CMD and change directory to your the RapidLog Program directory:
    1. cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\RapidLog"
  2. Run Driver Sync program (DrSync.exe) against the company and file you want to import and how to match the records. This example shows matching by driver ID:
    1. DrSync.exe RLCOMPANY "C:\temp\driver.csv" ID
  3. After you execute the command you should see the letters I or U echoed. I stands for Imported U stands for Updated.
    1. On a brand new company if you see the letter u that means you have a duplicate driver ID.  Find the duplicate and make the correction to your import file and re-import.
    2. If you are running this file to update existing drivers note that the import will take the information from your driver file and overwrite any existing data.
  4. After you have run the import open RapidLog and go to the Drivers page to verify the data that was imported looks good.


Order Required Field Name Max Char Length Notes
1 No Tertiary ID Number 15 *This is required if ID Number is not used
2 Yes ID Number 15 Must be unique. Alpha and numeric values accepted
3 No Alternate ID Number 15
4 Yes Last Name 100
5 Yes First Name 100
6 No Middle Initial 15
7 No Address 100
8 No City 100
9 No State 5
10 No Zip 10
11 No Phone 22
12 No Alternate Phone 22
13 Yes Employee Type 1 F = Full time; P = Part time; I = Inactive ( F is default)
14 No Group 10 Provides additional sorting of drivers for reports
15 Yes Terminal Name 40 If NO exact match found, it will add a new terminal. The first 6 characters must be unique to each terminal.
16 No Driver Manager 40 Matches via the Manager Code on the Company Page under the Driver Managers tab
17 No Reply Address 1 T = Terminal; R = Region; C = Company (Used in Simple Letters)
18 No Fuel Card Number 25
19 No Alt Fuel Card Number 25
20 No Driver License State and Number 20
21 No Driver License Notes 20
22 No Drivers License Expiration 10 MM/DD/YYYY
23 Yes Hire Date 10 MM/DD/YYYY
24 No Termination Date 10 MM/DD/YYYY (Leave blank if the driver is active)
25 No Reserved 0 LEAVE THIS BLANK ("",)
26 No Birth Date 10 MM/DD/YYYY
27 No Expiration Date 1 10 MM/DD/YYYY
28 No Expiration Date 2 10 MM/DD/YYYY
29 No Expiration Date 3 10 MM/DD/YYYY
30 No Expiration Date 4 10 MM/DD/YYYY
31 No Expiration Date 5 10 MM/DD/YYYY
32 No Expiration Date 6 10 MM/DD/YYYY
33 No Expiration Date 7 10 MM/DD/YYYY
34 No Expiration Date 8 10 MM/DD/YYYY
35 No Emergency Contact 100
36 No Emergency Contact Phone 100
37 No Email 128
38 No Exclude From GPS Audit 1 Optional. 1 = True; 0 = False (Typically not used. Unless you know what this is keep it blank)
39 No Driving Type 1 Optional. R=Over the Road; L = Local; K=Occasional; R is Default
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