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Category: Training

How to create custom violations

Topic: How to create custom violations. Instructions: From the home page of RapidLog, click “Company” Click “Violation Classes” from the left menu In the ‘Violation

How to add and audit team drivers

Topic: How to add and audit team drivers Instructions: From the home screen, click “Logs” Find one of the drivers that will be a part

How to Delete a Driver

Instructions with Images: Step 1: Click on the ‘Driver’ page. Step 2: Click in the ‘Search Bar’ and enter the drivers last name. Step 3: Verify

Deleting Logs

Topic: How do I delete a Log entered in RapidLog? Instructions: Go to the ‘Logs’ page in Rapidlog. Click on the ‘Images’ tab at the

Logs Page Calendar

Topic: How can I skip to a different day, on the logs page, quickly without having to type it in? Instructions: Click on the ‘Logs’

Purge Log & Driver Data

Topic: How do I purge out old logs and driver data? Instructions: Go to the company page in Rapidlog, then click on the purge button