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Customize Smart/Simple Letter Paragraphs


How Do I Change the Paragraphs on my Smart or Simple Letters?


  1. Smart Letters and Simple Letters share the same paragraphs so changing the paragraphs in one will change them in the other. So it is best to use Simple Letters to preview your customizations even if you normally use Smart Letters to actually print your driver letters.

  2. To customize the letter paragraphs go to the Reports page and click on Simple Letters to select it. Then in the left side of the page click Advanced. At the bottom click on the Paragraphs tab.

  3. Each paragraph is used in different areas of the letter. You will see in the Violation paragraph that it includes [DriverName] in the beginning. That is the correct way to use the field designators.

  4. There are several special field designators that can be used in the letter paragraphs.

  5. The brackets [] around each entry are required. The designators are replaced by the data values for that field when the letter is printed. You can include any of these field designators in any of the paragraphs. Although they make more sense in some paragraphs than others.

  6. Most of the items relate directly to information assigned on the Drivers page.

  7. After you have made the desired changes to a paragraph you must click the Save button on the page. You can then Preview the letters to see your changes.


Name of company
Name of region the driver’s terminal belongs to
Name of the terminal driver is assigned
If driver not assigned to specific terminal first in list will show.
Calculated years employed
Current date – Hire date
Calculated age of driver based on birthdate
Manager assigned to driver or terminal manager
The Manager’s title
The Manager’s phone number
The current user logged into RapidLog
The start date for the date range the letter covers
The end date for the date range the letter covers
The date the logs are required to be entered
Missing Logs
The date to look for missing logs prior to [LetterStartDate]
Latest date to check for expiration dates
The Smart Letter Batch
The group driver is assigned on Drivers page
The Driver’s name
The Driver’s full name
Driver’s hire date
Driver’s termination date
Driver’s birthdate
Feb 29 leap days may cause errors on non-leap years
Calculated from Hire date each year
Driver’s SSN assigned on Drivers page
Can be blank
RapidLog ID number assigned on Drivers page
Can be blank
Alternate ID Number assigned on Drivers page
Can be blank