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Category: OnDemand

Supported Interfaces

RapidLog Works in an Interconnected World ELD Interfaces AssetWorks Assured Techmatics Asuga Big Road Coretex CyntrX Eroad Fleethunt Forward Thinking Systems GeoSpace GeoTab GFI Systems

Deleting Logs

Topic: How do I delete a Log entered in RapidLog? Instructions: Go to the ‘Logs’ page in Rapidlog. Click on the ‘Images’ tab at the

Connecting to Live Chat

Topic: How do I connect with a RapidLog technician to get support through live chat? Instructions: Click on the My Account page. Type in your

Logs Page Calendar

Topic: How can I skip to a different day, on the logs page, quickly without having to type it in? Instructions: Click on the ‘Logs’

Purge Log & Driver Data

Topic: How do I purge out old logs and driver data? Instructions: Go to the company page in Rapidlog, then click on the purge button

Change User in RapidLog

Topic: How to change users in RapidLog without closing the program. Instructions: If you’re already logged in as a user, then you’ll need to click

Logging Into

Topic: I can’t login to my account Instructions (Self-Hosted Customers): Click on the My Account button in the Menu Bar For your email address