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ELD Integration | ERoad


How to Import ERoad ELD Data Into RapidLog.


  • Arguments:
    • /provider (ERoad)
    • /companycode (RLCompany Code)
    • /apikey (ERoad API Key)
    • /from (yyyy-mm-dd format)
    • /to (yyyy-mm-dd format)
    • /daysback (defaults to 1)

  • Advanced Arguments:
    • /debug 1
      • /debug 1 enables the debug files to be saved during the download. The debug files are saved in a set of directories under the folder the EobrDownloader.exe file is running in. \HOSDebug\
    • /ui 1
      • /ui 1 will make the GUI show but it will be loaded with the options specified in the Command Line parameters.
    • /fm 1
      • /fm 1 specifies that it will process the Form and Manner violations. These are only available for some of the downloaders
    • /pause 1
      • /pause 1 will cause the EobrDownloader.exe to pause before closing so the output can be observed after running.

  • C:\Windows\RL5.ini Settings (optional):
    • [Directories]
      EobLogImportRoot=C:\ProgramData\RapidLog\Data (Tip: Match this to your Data= line)
    • Note: if this does not exist the downloads will go to \RapidLog\Data\EobLogImport\CompanyCode

  • Example BAT File for All Companies and Providers (prefered method):
    • “C:\Program Files (x86)\RapidLog\DownloadRunner.exe”
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\RapidLog\ForEachCompany.exe” RapidLog.exe [CompanyCode] -L RapidLogFormat
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\RapidLog\ForEachCompany.exe” RapidLog.exe [CompanyCode] -NewAudit HC -MI

  • Example BAT File for a Single Company and Provider:
    • “C:\Program Files (x86)\RapidLog\EobrDownloader.exe” /provider ERoad /companycode MYRLCOMPANY /apikey ERoadapikey /daysback 8
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\RapidLog\RapidLog.exe” MYRLCOMPANY -L RapidLogFormat
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\RapidLog\RapidLog.exe” MYRLCOMPANY -NewAudit HC -MI


  1. Add the credentials for the ELD provider on the Company->Configure Download Page in RapidLog.
  2. Edit the Directories section in the C:\Windows\rl5.ini file by adding EobLogImportRoot=Your Data folder.
    • Example: EobLogImportRoot=C:\ProgramData\RapidLog\Data
  3. Open Notepad and setup the download, import and audit.  Save that file as a .bat file.
  4. Open Task Scheduler and schedule the .bat file to run once or twice daily.