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Category: RapidLog Pro

How to update Rapidlog (Self-hosted)

Topic: How to update Rapidlog (Self-hosted) Instructions: Click this link: (Note: You will need to be logged into your account to access the download

License Errors

Topic: When opening Rapidlog you get Load License Manager window. Clicking authorize doesn’t fix the issue and you get a -22, -24, or -103 error.

Floating Point Division by Zero

Topic: How to Fix Error: Floating Point Division by Zero Instructions: Click the wrench in the upper right, then select Reset Current batch. Click the

Log Meter is Low

Topic: How to Fix Error: Log Meter is Low Instructions: Open up a Support Request After you have placed a support request a technician will grant

Future Date Not Allowed

Topic: How to Fix Error: Future Date Not Allowed in RapidLog Pro Instructions: Info – This error is either because you’re entering a date into

Connecting to Live Chat

Topic: How do I connect with a RapidLog technician to get support through live chat? Instructions: Click on the My Account page. Type in your